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Formed in 1984, while the members were still in high school, Sadus would produce the, "Death to Posers" demo in 1986, followed by the "Certain Death" demo in 1987, before appearing on a compilation called, "Raging Death" which also featured some other dudes called, Xecutioner, who later on became Obituary. The bands self financed debut, "Illusions" followed in 1988, produced by John Marshall, then guitarist of Metal Church, and went on to sell over 7,000 copies. Subsequent pressings did however rename it Chemical Exposure, but never mind such smalltalk, letss discuss this beast, regardless of what you wish you call it.From the get go, "Illusions" utterly explodes out of your speakers! I mean, ridiculously fast riffing, hammering drumming, intricate bass work and some of the most hastily screamed vocals and deranged howls at the time. Like some sort of evil, mean mother fucking, bastard three-way wedlock of Sepulturas's "Schizophrenia", Sarc贸fago's "I.N.R.I." and Death's "Scream Bloody Gore" "Illusions" doesn't quite get the credit it rightly deserves. Honestly, its far more intense than anything else that was being called death metal at the time, and the fact that even within all the raging chaos there's balance and intricacy within, which really makes it one of the most important records within the development of the genre. Then again, there's plenty of thrash to be found, mostly a Kreator influence, which will infinitely have this record labeled as a thrash & death record. A must have for all metal heads.

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