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- Bonus CD included.- Some tracks have been remastered and restored and some are presented on vinyl after many years.- Nice graphic design. 300g cardboard.- English liner notes by Pablo "Bongohead" Yglesias- Format and selection designed for DJs, collectors and general public.This is the third in our compilation series on the roots of salsa. For a general background on the ideas behind it, please refer to the notes in the first and second volumes. In a nutshell the Roots of Salsa series is an investigation into early Cuban or Cuban-derived tunes that were either covered by salsa groups later (mid-1960s through today) or were highly influential on the development of salsa over the decades. The main criterion was to pick tracks that sounded adequate for today's DJ or collectors to play at a gig or on the radio, or were sufficiently interesting (or enough of a surprise to fans of the later version) to merit inclusion, but were notperhaps the best known or of more recent vintage.Pablo E. Yglesias, aka DJBongoheadTRACKLISTSIDE A A1. Suena tu bong贸 - Roberto Faz y su Conjunto (1959)A2. Guaguanc贸 a todos los barrios - Conjunto Estrellas de Chocolate (1960)A3. Apri茅tala en el rinc贸n - Cheo Marquetti y su Conjunto (1957)A4. Pa' chismoso t煤 - Ren茅 Touzet & his Orchestra (1960)A5. Guarar茅 - Noro Morales y su Orquesta (1950)A6. Coco Seco - Xavier Cougat & his Orchestra (1957)A7. Pao Pao - Monchito & his Mambo Royals (1959)SIDE B B1. Me Voy Pa' Pinar Del Rio - Orquesta Riverside (1957)B2. Carahuico - Los J贸venes Del Cayo (1957)B3. La Jicotea - Rosendo Ru铆z, Jr. and his Orchestra (1961)B4. Amalia Batista - La Orquesta de Ernesto Duarte con Rolando Laserie (1958)B5. Mi Bomba Son贸 - Silvestre M茅ndez y su Conjunto (1961)B6. Chachag眉ere - Pio Leiva con la Orquesta de Bebo Vald茅s (1960)B7. Ari帽a帽ara - La Orquesta Casino de La Playa (1940)

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