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Coming out of the boiling Munich scene of the sixties that also gave us the original Amon D├╝├╝l *Thom Argauer had played in a dixieland band with Chris Karrer in the late 60s, actually(, Siloah are one of the best kept secrets of the krautrock production. In 1972 Siloah had suffered a certain number of changes. Thom Argauer was still leading the project, but since his coleagues had left the farm in which they were all leaving he had to start again with new members Markus Krug and Florian Laber. He also looked for a more electric approach, himself moving from acoustic guitar to electric organ.-Sukram Gurk- was the title chosen for their second LP. It was the name of Markus Krug spelled backwards. Markus- name was chosen because it was the one that sounded better phonetically to the ears of the trio. The sound of the album takes it all one step further, turning into an electric storm, yet retaining the free psychedelic improvisation feel of its predecessor.The Wah Wah reissue is made in cooperation with Thom Argauer family, it has been cut from the original master tapes, has one bonus track not on the original LP added, features an insert with photos and liner notes and comes in a strictly limited edition of 500 copies only.

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