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Until recently a fairly well kept New Zealand secret, Jonathan Bree-s music has infiltrated the laptop speakers of millions of listeners around the world thanks to break out hit [You-re So Cool-. [Sleepwalking-, the third album from the Auckland based composer, multi/instrumentalist and producer, has a heavy orchestrated element featuring real strings, horns, celeste and soprano vocals. Jonathan-s deep baritone sets quite an erotic tone? The arrangements draw distinct influence from orchestral pop of a bygone era (think Lee Hazlewood ^ Nancy Sinatra, or Scott Walker), but many of the songs dip in and out of the avant/garde in a way that is also distinctly modern. His aforementioned 2017 runaway hit [You-re So Cool- (attracting more than 3,3 million Youtube views) is included on the album. Featuring the mysterious masked band [You-re So Cool- was voted best music video of 2017 by Time Out New York. A plucked cello, minimal bassline and drum pattern ground Jonathan-s trademark [bendy strings- which make a number of appearances across the songs of [Sleepwalking-. Second single [Say You Love Me Too- / a duet with Catalunyan musician Clara Vinals / bewitches the listener with a distinct Serge Gainsbourg sounding style of production. When Jonathan Bree is not producing and performing with Princess Chelsea, running his indie label Lil- Chief Records *15 years of bedroom pop and 50 releases strong(, or directing his own masked music videos / he is driving himself mad by trying to achieve Brian Wilson levels of sonic bliss in his home studio. In the noughties Jonathan wrote and produced 4 albums and 4 EPs for The Brunettes, of which one was released on Seattle cult label Sub Pop, before the band broke up in 2010. His first solo album [The Primrose Path- was released in New Zealand in 2013. The album drew much critical praise and was a finalist in the [Taite Prize- / a respected arts award. Jonathan-s second album [A Little Night Music- drew similar critical praise locally and saw Bree venturing into more free/form territory, further breaking away from more traditional pop formulas. [Sleepwalking- subsequently reaches the next artistic level.

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