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Almost a decade in the making, lo/fi pop pioneers Fonda 500 are back with their magnum opus, I (heart) Fonda 500. A sonic mixing bowl of influences, genres and styles, the album finds the band at the peak of their in/ventive power, flitting gloriously from epic intergalactic soundscapes to scuzzy sunshine pop, from ice/cool electronica to moments of lowest/fi acoustic tenderness. Gatefold vinyl, complete with tempo/rary tattoos. Fonda 500 were formed early in the 2000s, bursting onto the musical landscape with a series of critically acclaimed and hugely influential albums, backed up by a legendary live show, which magically brings to life their borderless imaginations. Their first album 8 Track Sound System was hailed by the NME as he brightest new dawn in ages', and Album of the Week by the Sunday Times, and was followed up with a succession of albums and EPs which skirted the boundaries of multiple genres and influences, whilst remaining timeless, immediate, accessible and joyous. he breadth of Beck and the gleeful pop spirit of the Super Furry Animals' Esquire

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