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Wonderful, touching- Musik an sich && -O-Reilly, without doubt, belongs to the masters of his disci/pline.- Gaestelist && ans of high quality songwriter sounds should take a closer look.' Nothing But Hope and Passion && Recorded between the chaos and bustle of a New York cinema on Bedford Avenue, Brooklyn and the windswept loneliness on the south/side of the Isle of Wight in the spring of 2017, I Can-t Stand The Sound is the second album from Berlin based English&Irish songwriter Ryan O-Reilly. Produced by David Granshaw and in collaboration with Canadian Tyler Kyte the album is an exploration in searching for meaning, the meaning in a fatal car accident, the beauty and darkness on the streets of Berlin, comprehending the American landscape at the end of 2016 and trying to filter out the noise of relentless opinions on 24 hour news TV and online. Littered with snapshots from myriad conver/sations< a grandmother-s warning that ghosts are never as dangerous as humans, talking to a loved one after a terror attack, a fall from a horse, with a hangover whilst reading in the bath and the faceless

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