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Obediencia from Madrid release their debut album after two 7@ singles on Solo Para Punks. Their Breakout LP is filled with melancholic damp, anthemic choruses, and powerful vocal melody all hanging amongst fast moving, machinistic drums, and buzzsaw guitar work. This brings to mind some Spanish punk of the golden era like demo era Ultimo Resorte, only having replaced the nods to rock n roll via the Pistols with a few guitar lessons from Greg Sage *Wipers(. Enough guitar interplay to listen to on a cold rainy day, and enough power/chords to convince yourself you-re listening to Madrid-s answer to the Avengers. Standout track is the closer, @S├│tano,@ which sees one of the few breaks in pace to bookend the uncompromising energy that came before it but overall all songs are fast paced, under three minutes with hooks galore. Fans of X, Pink Champagne, Penetration or The Observers will fall in love with this album on first listen. Erosi├│n comes housed in a heavy weight reverse board sleeve depicting images of a Spain many things have been left behind but that it is just a bit too real still for those looking closely.

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