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Gustavo Garc├şa Olivo is the real name of @El Pantera@, the legendary trombonist of the Fruko and his Tesos orchestra. A native of the town of Calamar, in the department of Bol├şvar, in Colombia, where he was born in 1954, he accompanied the music of his father on the guitar. He then ventured into the wind instruments with the trumpet and integrated the Onda Panamericana orchestra playing this instrument for a year. In 1973, at age 16, he was recruited by Julio Ernesto Estrada to record with his Tesos band.In 1979 he recorded what would be his first album as an orchestra leader. The result of the recording was not of his total pleasure and ordered to stop the commercialization of the disc but this one was already in the stores and when the collection was made, several copies had been sold, that nowadays they are a true jewel in historical level, because for years collectors have been concerned about getting these copies at all costs and preserve this work. Garcia was also part of the Los Felinos Band and the Colombia All Stars.In New York, he worked with Andy Harlow, Ralphy Santi and Markolino Dimond.His nickname, imposed by Alvaro Jos├ę Arroyo aka Joe Arroyo, comes from his resemblance, during that time of the seventies, with the physiognomy, face and way of walking of the animated character The Pink Panther. Also by his pronounced Afro style in his hair, because in a sketch of the Pink Panther, this leaves a washing machine with its curly pelage. Another nickname of Garc├şa was that of @The man who comes from Biafra@, due to its thinness and alluding to the ravenous hunger caused in that region of South Africa after being razed during a war with that country.The album, published under the Polydor label, features ten songs composed by Pantera, Saulo S├ínchez, Arturo Ospina, Gustavo Rodas, Giovanni Sierra, Adela Martel and Israel P├ęrez.A disc loaded with Salsa, Guaguanc├│, montuno and much flavor.

Añadir al carrito PANTERA (COLOMBIA) - PANTERAPOLYDOR | LP | 21,00 €
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