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Portada de KOYO - KOYO (2LP) KOYO

Leeds quintet Koyo release their debut album. Named after the Japanese word for col/ourful autumn leaves and formed in Leeds in 2015, Koyo have fast become a major fac/tor in the city's music scene. Tagged with the prog rock label, they are in fact proficient, reflective and utterly self/effacing, a far cry from the cape/wearing and wizard/hatted indulgence of your traditional progressive musicians. True, some of their songs are long/er and they are well/schooled in music - literally. But they wear their versatility and charm very lightly indeed. Blending influences as wide as Ozric Tentacles and The Vel/vet Underground, My Bloody Valentine and Kurt Vile, they give the impression of being able to play just about anything. They combine beautiful melancholy vocals with intricate riffs and thought provoking lyrics. Sampling and synthesisers provide astral soundscapes, grounded by a gifted rhythm section. They fill and transform space, create darkness and colour. Songs become extended improvisations, spontaneous expressions of emotion.

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