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The four original members of Lod formed after graduating school in Copenha/gen, inspired by the post/punk that was prominent in the fervent, close/knit music community of the city. The first version of Lod was very much birthed in this same shadow> loud and heavy. With time their sound began to rely less on distortion, foregoing aggression for a greater focus on melody and rhythm. Bands like LCD Soundsystem, Suicide and Kraftwerk provided further inspiration and it became an ambition for Lod to create music that / while never taking the easy route / could make people dance. With their debut EP, released via London/based label Tough Love, they have very much achieved this. They-re a dance band, in the same way one might consider NEU a dance band. 24/minute, four song debut EP sung in Danish. You might consider it uncompromising were the songs not so accessible.

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