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Portada de RUIN - HE-HO/ FIAT LUX (2LP) RUIN

Ruin possessed a fierce insistence on being present in the moment. They were intent not on simply beating themselves against the membranes that contain them but on breaking the fuck through. Originally active from 1982 to 1986, this five/piece unit was sometimes mistakenly described to the unaware as a "Buddhist hardcore band." Along with a few singles and compilations, they released two albums> the definitive blast of 1984's He/Ho and the somewhat more polished Fiat Lux in 1986. This archival collection contains these 2 full/length, remastered albums plus several bonus tracks], an 8 page 12"x12" booklet, which contains extensive liner notes, lyrics and previously unpublished photos. May you be Ruined...

Añadir al carrito RUIN - HE-HO/ FIAT LUX (2LP)SOUTHERN LORD | LP | 27,00 €
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