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Portada de VOIGT/465 - SLIGHTS STILL UNSPOKEN (1978-1979) VOIGT/465

Here-s a remastered vinyl reissue of the 1978 LP -Slights Spoken-, expanded with both tracks from the band-s debut 7/inch. Voigt&465 was an interesting underground band from Sydney, formed in 1976 and influenced by a.o. Syd Barrett, Velvet Underground, The Stooges, kraut heroes s.a. Can and Faust, and groundbreaking -70s acts s.a. Slapp Happy, Eno/era Roxy Music, Henry Cow and Pere Ubu. The LP was recorded shortly before bass player Lindsay O-Meara decided to join Crime ^ The City Solution. Included with this reissue is an insert, plus a free download for the complete album and rare bonus cuts, among which killer covers of Faust, Can and Roxy Music.

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