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"This Madrid based band has embarked on a musical journey, fleeing from labels, to focus only on the creation of a sound, natural and organic" (Tentaciones El País, Spain)"Melange, Madrid's super group, destined to be the sensation of 2016" (Mondo Sonoro Magazine, Spain)Rock and roll's evolution is unavoidably indebted to it's past. A past that has been recovered in unlikely ways that ends up something different, in something harmonious and new.Melange belongs to a small group of privileged few that has been able to salvage from the past and convert it into the present. They have leapt forward and transformed the spirit of the future.Melange acknowledges it's debt to folk, Can, British progressive folk, flamenco, medieval music, renaissance, Canterbury sound, Coltrane, Popol Vuh, Moondog, Ali Farka Toure, Morricone and Henry Cow.Echoes of Spanish folk, Canovas, Rodrigo, Adolfo y Guzman, Vainica Doble and the progressive side of Triana can also be found within their musical compositions.Melange is neo folk, street hippy, the sound of estrangement, explorative rock. It is music that walks the line between restraint and limitless energy, between tradition and vanguard, between loyalty to its origins and the destruction of them to create something of their own.Melange is a significant debut, not only due to the quality and importance that they are proposing it is also something evolved.Saturated with discoveries and nuances this is a wise sound that, only with time, will manifest itself. Interpreted by four musicians that know what they want and have set out to find it. They get lost along the way only to emerge with something unexpected in tow. They combine subtle arrangements, the talent to explore, together with the very essence of rock and roll.TRACKLISTSide A: A1. La cosechaA2. SoleraA3. ConanA4. SaquesufáhSide B:B1. Verdiales del encuentroB2. Viaje a CeneraB3. Los Ojos Negros (bulerías de Düsseldorf)B4. Beti Jai (capricho sefardí)Side C:C1. Nuevos ritosC2. DespertarC3. In the Hands of TimeláC4. Las dunas de DiabatSide D: D1. Las olas del marD2. La montañaD3. Tríptico de Toba

Añadir al carrito MELANGE - MELANGE (2XLP)DISCOS TERE | LP | 22,00 €
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