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Gnoomes, the threesome hailing from Perm, Russia. It may only have been eighteen months since gan!', the band's first release for Rocket, yet the band have already moved on to a sonic landscape still more adventurous and ethereal on schak!', not to mention an emotionally resonant approach that's bewitching to witness. Taking in torrents of guitar noise and electronic extrapolations both bliss/fully kosmische and aggressively abrasive, it exists outside of all or any convenient genres, a vivid and singular work by three dreamers/at/heart forced to manifest their vision into a psychic defence to the circumstances surround/ing them. Working in splendid isolation thanks to a studio space provided by their work for a local radio station, the band had time and space for the alchemical process of creating schak!' entirely on their own terms. Central to the this were a collection of Rus/sian synths that they gathered, whose eccentric arpeggios and analogue textures form crucial ingredients on songs like everokamsk' and the title track, arriving at a sound that forms a star/crossed and timeless marriage between the experimenta/tion of krautrock and the lineage of Warp Records.

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