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Portada de D.O.A. - MURDER D.O.A.

Murder is a classic D.O.A. release that has not seen the light of day since 1990, so Rip Snortin- Records is giddy about unearthing this great punk rock album. This came out at the height of D.O.A.-s fame and mixes in all the right D.O.A. ingredients> ear splitting guitar riffs, bombastic drumming, humor and lots of @right to the chin@ politics.The album features one of D.O.A.-s best lineups> Joey Shithead Keithley, Wimpy Roy, Jon Card and Chris Prohom. Together they blast you with non stop rockers like> Concrete Beach, The Agony and the Ecstasy, Waiting For You/ Part 2, Banana Land and We Know What You Want. The godfathers of hardcore don-t mince words with their politics on> Afrikana Security, Boomtown and The Warrior Lives AgainThere-s also the bonus of sterling cover versions of No Productivity *Subhumans( and Midnight Special *Leadbelly(. All in all Murder smashes you in the face, while at the same time the band never takes it-s collective foot off the gas with it-s powerful and catchy songs. A must for old and new D.O.A. fans alike.

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