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THE GREAT ART OF REDUCTION> BLIND BUTCHER is an abstract musical duo from Lucerne Switzerland in GLITTER TIGHTS and a crazy irritating post punk rock attitude. Since 2010, they have been devoted to ROCK-N-ROLL, NEW ^ NO WAVE, Suicide Disco, Punk, Blues, KRAUT ROCK, NDW or Country Music and creating their very own very Unique DISCO TRASH SOUND. In 2013, they recorded their debut album *produced by Steve Albini in the Electrical Audio Studio in Chicago( and since then the Band played more than 100 SHOWS a year in Europe, besides BLIND BUTCHER they are playing in various projects *Pierre Omer, the Shit, Gray Mole( or producing film and theater music @The Bridge over the River@ *Jadwiga Kowalska 2016( @Undine/ The Little Mermaid@ at Lucerne Theater *Claudia Brier, 2015(. On this new album -ALAWALAWA- *voodoo rhythm records(, they create a moronic unabated crazy musical universe they sing in English, German, or GIBBERISH with view word except @ALLES MACHT WEITER@ where it only bubbles from text They are from a Generation that wants to be free and CREATE WITHOUT ANY BORDERS and Styles just like in the Title Song ALAWALAWA, they sing it in gibberish or -STAUBSAUGERBABY- *vacuum cleaner baby( which there is no meaning at all. In the Musical Direction DEVO is present or CAN the German Kraut Rock legend

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