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Portada de UNIPLUX - 1981 UNIPLUX

Incredible but true, but your fave label discovered an entire unreleased punk rock album from the land of spaghetti and mandolino!Uniplux were one of the few bands of 1977 roman punk scene that included bands such Trancefusion, Elektroshock, Luxfero, Ulster Punk Group, Apologia Di Reato, Bads, Stigma, Ddt. This scene is well documented on the magnificent Claudio Pescetelli's book "Lo stivale e' marcio" *rave up books 2014( that talks about those pionieristic days.This band released two singles, the first, released for a major label RCA and entitled hi siamo noi_' came out in 1982. the second one, aledetto rock', *Pogo records(, came out two years later in 1984. both records are very hard to find and sought after, mainly because Uniplux offered a unique vision of melodic punk rock. in 1997, a bunch of european punk collectors compiled illed by death 201', dedicated to italian 1977&82 punk rock scene, selecting the track "U.X." to represent this band.After over 36 years, rave up records unearthed from the tomb 11 killer tracks!!!! amazing italian punk with female vocals. for fans of Generation X, Buzzcocks, Penetration and all the early UK punk rock.

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