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NO WAY THESE TWO BANDS WILL GO DOWN IN HISTORY, BUT WE THINK THEY RIP SO WE STOLE TWO OF THEIR RECORDINGS AND RELEASED THEM AS SPLIT 7@ SINGLE!!!! WHAT A GREAT IDEA!!!! Both bands dont really deserve to be on a split 45 cause they are good enough to have their on 7 Inches, but well, another attempt for the Gimp to cash in. Now, we pressed 500 copies of this beast of a dirty surf beat platter, and we only have a limited amout of copies ready for hole/sale, so be quick and get yerself a copy, and while at it, snatch some other cool bean releases from Bachelor too. Ask for the stock list with details and I will send you one. THEE CORMANS have a ton of records out on other labels, like In The Red, Total Punk, etc. THE PACIFICS have a brilliant single out on Bachelor, we just repressed it, plus the released a full lenght on the US Label BLOOD RED. 500 Copies on amazingly black wax!Handnumbered by yours truly!

Añadir al carrito CORMANS/PACIFICS - SPLITBACHELOR | 7'' | 8,00 €
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