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Remastered and including 4 bonus tracks via download, a unique cover of Message in a bottle and Trenchfoot from the Not Superstitious 7" & You Are My Sunshine and Dreaming from the I Want the Moon 7". "Stubbs was Englands answer to Bob Mould, writing songs with similar sneaky demonstrative impact and stirring pulse" Jack Rabid / "The most powerful band in the world" Popmatters / "Leatherface have a penchant for finding melody in a dense forest of cacophonous guitars and punk energy." Exclaim. Taking their name from the cult classic horror film, 90s underground punk icons, Leatherface, were stalwarts of the UK scene, arriving at a time many thought that brand of brash songwriting had had its day. Re-writing the rule book when it came to punk requisites; passion; angst and power combined with undeniable songwriting and technical prowess. Led by the impassioned and emotive wordsmith Frankie Stubbs, it made them one of the most exhilarating bands of their time. Hailing from the industrial town of Sunderland, Leatherface formed in 1988. With a line-up consisting of Stubbs, guitarist Dickie Hammond, bass player Stuart Schooler and drummer Andrew Laing. Stubbs rasping vocals complimented the explosive hooks and thrashing guitars, which quickly became their trademark. Following on from 1989s Cherry Knowle, 1990 saw the band sign to Fire and release the fierce and defining, 'Fill Your Boots. With Stubbs and Hammond beginning to collaborate more on songwriting, it also introduced new bassist Rob Turnball. (Breaking in a new bass player every album would quickly become a trend for the band.) From this album Razor Blades And Aspirin and Peasant in Paradise would remain in their repertoire for over twenty years. With Fill Your Boots proving a success, later that year they would go on to produce the Smokey Joe EP. However it was 1991s follow-up Mush thats continually been regarded as an absolute punk classic. Teaming up with engineer Paul Tipler (who also worked on Stereolab and Chapterhouse), Mush was recorded in Greenhouse Studios in North London (owned by Pat Collier of The Vibrators). Following praise from the music press, they soon found themselves doing John Peel and Mark Radcliffe sessions. Fully re-mastered, this collection includes extensive liner notes featuring interviews with Frankie, as scribed by The Big Takeovers Jack Rabid, leaving no stone unturned. The release includes remastered bonus material via download, including a unique cover of Message in a bottle and Trenchfoot from the Not Superstitious 7" and You Are My Sunshine and Dreaming from the I Want the Moon 7".

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