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[ENG]A hidden gem for fans of space sounds of the German electronic pioneers of the seventies (TD, Schulze, Ash Ra.).Exclusive use of analog electronic instruments: a long list of classic synthesizers and sequencers.Cidr├│n, from Almeria (Andalusia), is a legendary Spanish synthesist who started in 1985. A veteran of analog electronic sounds. His early influences were the Berlin School of the seventies (TD, Schulze,etc) and the American Minimal music Cidr├│n has released 9 albums on his own label (Extraradio) with a very limited distribution.Juan Manuel Cidr├│n has always been music... as a child he fell in love with a radio that had flashing lights -Radio is now one of his professions- though he also was captivated by the music broadcasted before him... with the little money he had as a child and in his youth he would spend on records and analog machines... music is everything for him, and that is why we crave his compositions as a celebration of life... the immensity that his electronic keyboards offer us is also the immensity of the desert, snow, wind... records like Tau or Sonido Para Acciones belong to the imaginarium of Spanish electronic music... and also to the imaginarium of lovers of sonic poetry... soaring music... this vinyl edition is special... it is a return to analog, to which Cidr├│n is devout, and to which he will continue to be loyal ... in this way, it is a classic, as his continuous pledge to the quality that is the resounding conjunction between natural and artificial pulsation. the result is always him: a material body that approaches dreams... that approaches the naked face of the world...[END]

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