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Portada de: Senay, Eddy - Soul Preachin
Soul Preachin'
Vampisoul | CD | 13 €

Eddy Senay released two great albums for Sussex Records ('Hot Thang' and 'Step By Step'). Both of them full of funky, yet melodic instrumentals like "Just Feeling It", "Zambezi", "Jubo", "Reverand Lowdown", and an amazing cover of "Ain't No Sunshine". On the CD version all tracks from both are included, on the vinyl version you can find a selection of the very best tracks of them. A fantastic jazz-funk-soul guitar album, and danceable too! 'SOUL PREACHIN' happens to be a very apt title musical collection. If you allow yourself to relly listen to the structure of the compositions then you can feel the intensity of this artist it is. However very easy to get the impression that the musicians are into an old fashioned jam session and the results of that involvement just happened to be recorded. Notice that the tunes are not overly dressed with horns and strings. This lends an air of purity to the rhythm, which provides a very workable base which Eddy Senay coats with simple likeable figures. Eddy Senay, a detroiter, has been on the local music scene for sometime now, but this is the firts opportunity as a lead guitarrist, and he uses the oppotunity wisely. Trying to bag Eddy Senay is extremely dificult, so we wont't try. All we ask is that you give him a good, honest listen, and decide for yourself. After all, he's doing what has to be said. We think you will find a lot you'll like in 'Soul Preachin'.ROSETTA HINES MUSIC DIRECTOR. WCHD-FM. DETROIT (ORIGINAL "HOT THANG" ALBUM LINER NOTES FROM 1972)TRACKLIST1. Just Feelin' It (E.Harris) 2. Down Home (E.Harris) 3. Hot Thang (E.Harris) 4. Zambezi (Evans/Hathaway) 5. Jubo (Harris/Robinson) 6. Reverend Lowdown (E.Harris) 7. Ain't No Sunshine (Withers) 8. Message Of Love (E.Harris) 9. Sarko East (E.Senay) 10. Delgado (E.Senay) 11. Cameo (E.Senay) 12. Shakedown (E.Senay) 13. Phase 1 (E.Senay) 14. Safari (E.Senay) 15. Shakeero (E.Senay) 16. Soul Preachin' (E.Senay)

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