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Cover of: Che - Sexy 70
Sexy 70
Vampisoul | CD | 8 €

Made in Brazil. "SEXY 70" by Che is a groovy musical tribute to the (Brazilian) erotic movies of the 70s. Bossa, Funk, Lounge, Soul, Salsa, Bolero, Samba... played in a very elegant and relaxed mood and reminscing the original hot soundtracks. The perfect musical companion for your next cocktail party, romantic dinner, or bed marathon!The wonderful world of low budget soft-porn films! With a unique mixture of comedy and eroticism, those movies brought millions to the cinemas in Brazil, and created an industry of this type of entertainment called (in Brazil) "pornochanchada". Alexandre Caparroz a.k.a. Che, isn't a porn maniac... well, maybe he is! But instead of compile the scenes, he tried to compile the music of those films. Instead of using the original soundtracks, Che re-recorded the songs, but with the same vibe from the originals. Classic songs by Heraldo do Monte, Nonato Buzar, Erlon Chaves and others received the Sexy-70 treatment with the same fat basslines, classy xilofone and the almost obligatory wah-wah guitar. If this isn't enough, Che also included dialogues of the original actors of those "classic" movies, so between the salty instrumentals, you can hear the deep/sweet voice of Paulo Cesar Peréio and Helena Ramos (just in case you need extra inspiration). "SEXY 70" is more than a groovy funky record, is a celebration of an important part of the Brazilian culture... SEX!TRACKLIST1. Intro/A jeitosa do morro 2. Helena x Aldine 3. A babilônia de David 4. Desejos ardentes 5. Vinheta 6. Pixoxó em lua de mel 7. Vera, a Diaba loira 8. Simplesmente glória 9. Mulher objeto 10. Um grapete antes, um cigarro depois 11. O eterno pecado horizontal 12. Suite para Pereio 13. Sala especial 14. Tá tudo errado porra!15. Pixoxó remix 16. Babilônia Dub versión17. Ainda te pego (bonus track)

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