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Cover of: Various - Electronic Jugoton Vol.1 -1980-1989 (2lp)
Electronic Jugoton Vol.1 -1980-1989 (2lp)
Everland | 2×LP | 36 €

A unique compilation of Electronic, Minimal, Synth, Wave and Avantgarde music from ex-Yugoslavia. 'Electronic Jugoton' is the first part of two double albums, where the second part will even go back to pre-electronic music from 1964. Both double albums were initially released by Croatia Records (ex-Jugoton) in 2014 on a 2CD set with no less than two and a half hours of material (47 songs, 35 performers), showing the contemporary trend of Jugoton at that time towards avant-garde and provocative directions in electronic music. Restored from the original master tapes by the veteran archive diggers Viseslav Labos and Zeljko Luketic.SIDE 1:1. Laboratorija / Jugoton Express2. Laboratorija / Devica 693. D-Boys / Zaba4. Beograd / Sanjas Li U Boji5. Data / Neka Ti Se Dese Prave Stvari6. Brazil / Gdje Nema TeSIDE 2:1. Denis & Denis / Jugoton Express2. Denis & Denis / Ti I Ja3. Du Du A / Romance4. The Master Scratch Band / Pocket5. U Skripcu / Noc Ca, Ca, Ca6. Parlament / Kad Je Kraj BlizuSIDE 3:1. Dorian Gray / Jugoton Express2. Dorian Gray / Tonemo U Mrak3. H.C. Andersen / Palcica4. Sladana & Neutral Design / Neko Je Tu *Sa Mnom U Sobi(5. Amila / Vodi Me Iz Ovog Grada6. Tuzne Usi / Ti Me Uci7. Zana / OnSIDE 4:1. Oliver Mandic / Jugoton Express2. Oliver Mandic / Dode Mi Da Vrisnem Tvoje Ime3. H.C. Andersen / Snjezna Kraljica4. Dubravka / Harakiri5. Milka Lenac / Ponocni Express6. Nicky / Radio Video7. Mladen Kusec / Tonkica Palonkica Frrrrrrr

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