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Cover of: Various - The Test Of Time (3lp)
The Test Of Time (3lp)
Turntable Frien | 3×LP | 30 €

The return of A Turntable Friend Records starts with an opulent 40 track retrospective compilation of their heydays in the 1909s. Peers of Sarah Records and Slumberland Records but far from copying their style, ATF Records always had their own musical identity allowing for a roster as diverse as Boyracer *with Even As We Speak(, Secret Shine, The Claim, The Ropers, the Hellfire Sermons ] Lorelei.This compilation is a feast of highlights from the long/deleted back catalogue plus 8 unreleased tracks from the period. Many of the original 7s ^ 12s are much sought after collector items and several tracks appear on cd for the first time.Indie guitar popof the best variety delivered by bands from the UK/ USA, Australia ] Japan.The release is luxuriously packaged in a tri/fold sleeve for the triple vinyl, strictly limited to 500 for the world. It includes a 12 x 12 full colour booklet and a download code.The double cd comes with the same tracks also in a gatefold sleeve with full colour booklet.This compilation is a fundraiser for the William Wates Memorial Trust in the UK with all profits being donated.Side One> 1 Bomb Pops irl Daredevil' 2 The Claim ercules'] 3 Love Parade ut To Sea'] 4 Hope unny' 5 Lorelei urro' 6 Boyracer o Fuel' Side Two> 1. My Favourite odulate' *7" Version( 2. Vinegar Blossom erfection Found In Good Health' 3. Hulaboy arden' 4. Tea wo Weeks' 5. Hope hining and Whining'] 6. Decemberists Of Liverpool impler To Say'] 7. Hula Hoop rench Kiss 6'Side Three> 1. The Claim aiting For Jesus' 2. Love Parade azy Days' 3. Hope here's A Place' 4. The Apple Moths iserable Town' 5. Feverfew ed Of Roses' 6. Boyracer y Town' 7. Sugar Plant range Filter'Side Four> 1. Boyracer he Useless Romantic' 2. The Gravy Train ake It Better' 3. Feverfew aint It Blue'] 4. Juniper ou Don't Hide So Well' 5. Tree Fort Angst ou Should Have Seen The One That Got Away' 6. Hellfire Sermons oor To My Backyard'] 7. Antiseptic Beauty lluminate Me'Side Five> 1. The Apple Moths red Astaire' 2. Eva Luna he Sines' 3. Tea reathing' *7" MIx( 4. Hellfire Sermons ill And Sarah' 5. Secret Shine nbearable' 6. Hula Hoop he's A Bad Motorcycle']Side Six> 1. Remember Fun rain Journeys'] 2. The Ropers hese Days' 3. The Dreamscape lackflower' 4. Boyracer with Even As We Speak riend' 5. The Claim lastic Grip' 6. The Rileys ime Will Pass' 7. Love Parade ife'

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