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Cover of: Various - Welcome To Venice
Welcome To Venice
Possesed | LP | 18 €

Released in 1984, and long out of print, Welcome to Venice is a Milestone for crossover thrash fans all over the world. Put together by Suicidal Tendencie's Mike Muir and Louiche Mayorga on their Suicidal Records label it accurately represents the local Venice scene of the era and it's Harsdcore Crossover stile. With songs by the legendary Suicidal Tendencies, Los Cycos (with Muir also on vocals), Beowülf, No Mercy and Excel, Welcome to Venice it's a banger sure to please any fan of the genre. Includes 3 bonus tracks (*) not included on the original vinyl.SIDE A 1-Suicidal Tendencies - Look Up..... (The Boys Are Back)2-Beowülf - Taste the Steel 3-Beowülf - Unicorn 4-Los Cycos - It's Not Easy 5-Beowülf- My Life Alcohol*SIDE B 1-No Mercy - No Mercy 2-No Mercy - War Machine 3-Excel - Enforcer 4-Excel - Conclusion 5-Excel - Make Up Your Mind 6-No Mercy - Big Shot*7-No Mercy - Kill for Uncle*

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