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Cover of: Esplendor Geometrico - Live In Utrecht+ (expanded) (2lp)
Live In Utrecht+ (expanded) (2lp)
Geometrik | LP | 33 €

One of the most brilliant albums of Esplendor Geométrico's first decade. Limited to 500 numbered copies.Live in Utrecht is considered a masterpiece of Esplendor Geométrico, the cult pioneers of industrial rhythms, and the best example of the energy of EG's live performances in the eighties. Recorded 25th November 1989 in the Cultural Centre EKKO, Utrecht - Holland, with a superb sound quality. Produced for the program De Bovenbouw/Nos-Radio, Hilversum, Holland. First released by Discos E.G. in 1990 and sold out on vinyl for 30 years! Except "Signos de energía" (a faster version than the one in Mekano Turbo album) the rest of the tracks were completely new at the moment this wonderful record was released. A special edition that comes, additionally, with an extra LP with seven tracks from the late 80's that were originally released on cassette: four tracks are from 1987, the other three are from the studio sessions of Mekano Turbo *1988( but not included on that album.TRACKLIST SIDE AA1. Signos de Energia (mix)A2. DinumaA3. TropojaA4. Al-hamdu-lillahA5. RotorSIDE BB1. RetiradaB2. Chile al día (versión)B3. Trans-ummaB4. TassSIDE CC1. Nuestra generación crece felizC2. Atlas-YC3. Venecia IC4. Venecia IIC5. Venecia IIISIDE DD1. Estacion Katowice D2. Turko D3. Vostok D4. Trybuna Robotnicza IV

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