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Cover of: Chapillacs, Los - Lo Bueno, Lo Malo, Lo Feo Y Los Alaracosos
Lo Bueno, Lo Malo, Lo Feo Y Los Alaracosos
Vampisoul | LP | 19 €

Long-awaited second album by the rising stars of Neo Cumbia and Psychedelic Chicha in Peru, Arequipa's very own Los Chapillacs, featuring the late Lucho Carrillo, lead singer of the legendary band Los Diablos Rojos, Daniel F (Leusemia) and Laurita Pacheco.A mix of many different music genres and styles from Peru and beyond. From the expected cumbia and chicha (with and without the psych element) to Chacalon influences, popular Afroperuvian rhythms and a touch of rock with a certain sense of humor that even welcomes 80s hair metal guitars and a touch of deep ballad vocals...Jungle-tinged electric guitars firing up the party!TRACKLISTSide A1. CUMBIA DEL SOLAR2. CADA NOCHE ME PIERDO3. DIA DE SALVACION4. AMAZONAS5. SOLDADOS DE LA NOCHESide B1. AFROJINETES DEL AFROCALIPSIS2. FIESTA DE MOSTROS3. CARACHAMA4. SALSATANAS5. LA DANZA DE LOS PISHUREROS

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