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Cover of: Meirelles, Helena - A Rainha Da Viola Caipira (2lp)
A Rainha Da Viola Caipira (2lp)
Vampisoul | LP | 26 €

A stunning compilation of the revered Queen of The Viola Caipira, Helena Meirelles, once included in the Top 100 World's guitar players by Guitar Player Magazine.On this double-LP anthology you will face some of the most expressive Helena's creations. 'Guaxo', for examplecontains an ultra-melodic guitar riff that will stick in your ears for ages while 'Mercedita' has an evolving rifferama. 'Saudades Do Meu Velho Pai', on the other hand, is a typical baiao, a very peculiar Northeastern rhythm in Brazil, de-constructed by her very own style. 'Flor Da Guavira' is a delicious caipira-ballad. These are only a few great ones, amongst so many other exquisite, and unusual delights.A fascinating journey into one of the lesser covered Brazilian genres, caipira, rich in folk and country music elements. Reissued on vinyl for the first time.TRACKLISTSIDE A1. Guaxo (Popular, arranged by Helena Meirelles)2. Saudades Do Meu Velho Pai (Helena Meirelles)3. A Familia Arrastapé (Helena Meirelles)4. O Passo Do Tico-Tico (Helena Meirelles)5. Mercedita (Ramon Sixto Rios)6. A Volta da Guira Campana (Helena Meirelles)7. Fiquei Sozinha (Helena Meirelles)SIDE B1. Flor Da Guavira (Helena Meirelles)2. Fandango Em Porto (Helena Meirelles)3. Chalana (Arlindo Pinto/Mario Zan)4. Limpa Banco (Helena Meirelles)5. Durcelina (Popular, arranged by Helena Meirelles)6. Epitaciana (Helena Meirelles)SIDE C1. Tropeiro (Popular, arranged by Helena Meirelles)2. Cerro Cora (Hermínio Gimenez/Felix Fernandes)3. Flor de Jasmin (Helena Meirelles)4. Guiomar (Wilson Baptista/Haroldo Lobo)5. Quatro Horas de Madrugada (Helena Meirelles)6. Rincao Guarani (Helena Meirelles)SIDE D1. Amelia Boiadeira (Popular, arranged by Helena Meirelles)2. Me Pega Por Favor (Délio/Delinha)3. 1 de Maio (Helena Meirelles)4. Viradouro (Helena Meirelles)5. Xote Bem-Te-Vi (Helena Meirelles)6. Epitaciana (Helena Meirelles)

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