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Cover of: Necrophobic - Womb Of Lilithu (2lp)
Womb Of Lilithu (2lp)
Floga | LP | 24 €

Formed in 1989, the highly influential Necrophobic is widely regarded as pioneers of Swedish black&death metal and a band that has directly inspired many of the country-s most renowned metal exports such as Watain, Shining and Nagflar. Necrophobic stood apart from their contemporaries by combining haunting melodies with the harsher aspects of death and black metal-s aggression. Combining their crushing trademark guitar riffing with the masterful vitriolic vocals of Tobias Sidegard and a surprisingly modern production that gives this album heavy volume and a cutting edge, Womb of Lilithu is a strong reminder that Necrophobic is still far from ready to abdicate from the Swedish black death throne for any young pretender. All hail to the kings of Swedish darkness!

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