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Cover of: Still Dreams - Make Believe (pink Colour Vinyl)
Make Believe (pink Colour Vinyl)
Elefant Records | 12″ | 18 €

We do not need to tell you that at Elefant Records we have a weakness for bands from far east Asia. The duo STILL DREAMS reaffirms our feelings about the marvelous music that comes to us from that region, and now theyare included in our catalogue with a 12" pink vinyl Mini-LP that, of course, is being released as a part of our "NewAdventures In Pop" collection, which we reserve for promising new bands.Ryuta and Maaya were already playing in bands together, since their high school days. But after getting married, they decided to form STILL DREAMS. And after a couple of EP's, they are here with Elefant with "Make Believe", a purification of their musical conceptualization, reaching the sublime. These eight songs comprise a conglomeration of evocative, luminous emotions and an openly pop spirit, close to COCTEAU TWINS, Sarah Records, synth-pop and NEW ORDER.TRACKLIST01 Ultra Doomed02 Last True Love03 Spell04 Drive All Night (Faster Than Light)05 One More Kiss06 Make Believe07 Live With Excuse08 2008

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