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Cover of: Axolotes Mexicanos - :3 (colon Three) (electric Blue Colour Vinyl)
:3 (colon Three) (electric Blue Colour Vinyl)
Elefant Records | LP | 22 €

Over the last few months, we have finally been giving advances of the new AXOLOTES MEXICANOS album. The busy schedules of the band members (CAROLINA DURANTE, CONFETI DE ODIO, TEMERARIO MARIO, Stephen Please, NO FUCKS, etc) have made us have to wait, but we can now say that it was worth it. Because ":3" (colon three) takes on everything. It is a leap forward, an impulsive investigation in which everything deserves to be given a shot. Styles, sounds, stories. That is why the album from Olaya, Juan, Lucas, Mario and Stephen is an absolute musical whirlwind, a journey that is overflowing with energy, beyond our wildest imagination.TRACKLIST01 Opening02 Cara De Idiota03 Verguenza04 Verano En Espiral05 Que Te Pires06 Cuando_estoy_contigo.mp307 Oshare Kei08 No Se Si Llamarte09 Te Quiero (...)10 Gotele11 Quiero Que Vengas12 De Aqui A Un Año13 Ending

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