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Various - Tribute To New Bomb Turks
Tribute To New Bomb Turks
Ghost Highway | LP | 19 €

'I had an idea one sleepless night and thought how cool it would be to throw together a tribute album for one of my favourite bands called the New Bomb Turks. And also include the coolest bands around at the moment. So I wrote a letter to Eric Davidson, the singer of the Turks, and asked for his blessing. He gave me the green light and I wrote to all the bands that I had handpicked to be included and had the basis of the compilation ready the next day. I was amazed how pretty much everyone I had written to, were into it - including The Hellacopters. We had a few delays and setbacks due to virus outbreak but here we are, ready to launch this thing. It will be released as a three label split - Ghost Highway Recordings, Spaghetty Town Records and Yours Truly-s own Dragstrip Riot Records. Each label will also have a limited edition of different color vinyl. Oh, and it's vinyl-only release'.Ardo Fury, Dead Furies1. Professional Againsters / Bolan's Crash 2. Deadheads / Quarter to Four3. 'DEMONS' / Pretty Lightning4. The Boatsmen / Wine and Depression5. Acid's Trip / Snap Decision6. The Chuck Norris Experiment / End of the Great Credibility Race7. The Hip Priests / Jukebox Lean8. Dead Furies / Your Beaten Heart9. Scumbag Millionaire / Tryin- to Get By10. The Drippers / Hammerless Nail11. Jonesy / Jeers of a Clown12. Killer Hearts / Spanish Fly by Night13. Randy Savages / We Give a Rat's Ass 14. The Hellacopters / Veronica Lake

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