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Gynecologists - John Wayne Gacy
Gynecologists - John Wayne Gacy
Rave Up! | LP | 16

Howlin' from Bloomington, Indiana, The Gynecologists were probably one of the most outrageous and repellent punk bands ever.Inspired by the everlasting violence of American society, their songs evoke a chilling maelstrom of depravation and amorality, while their obsession with sex and feces makes GG Allin look like a priest. The material on this anthology has never been released before on vinyl, while confirming a challenging musical creativity and the powerful vocals of frontman Tommy Afterbirth (a shouter as virile as Gibby Haynes or Lee Ving), it reveals unexpected links with American classic rock (take a listen to their cover of Grand Funk Railroad's "We're An American Band").

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