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Cover of: Blake, Tim - Crystal Machine (2lp)
Crystal Machine (2lp)
Munster Records | LP | 28 €

Hold your body and mind belts, and immerse yourself into a cornerstone of cosmic music in a double remastered vinyl - one them filled with rarities - called "Crystal Machine" by the visionary Tim Blake, English composer and synthesizer master.Recorded in 1976/7, it remains echoing as a timeless effort, pretty much still alive. This is a deadly serious art piece, accordingly trippy in all its aspects, full of strangeness and sheer beauty.TRACKLISTSide A1. Midnight2. Metro/Logic3. Last Ride of The Boogie ChildSide B1. Synthese Intemporelle2. Crystal PresenceSide C1. Surf2. Synthese Intemporelle I3. Synthese Intemporelle II4. Metro Poly TrainSide D1. Oming in2. Mirrors of Light

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