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Cover of: Maia, Tim - Racional Vol.2
Racional Vol.2
Seroma | LP | 22 €

The rare second volume of Tim Maia's Racional album series from the 70s - even funkier and more harder-edged than the first! The record really follows the heavy soul influence that Tim had been hitting on his early 70s albums for Polydor - a strong dose of American funk and R&B, especially from the east coast indie scene - filtered down beautifully by Maia, one of the few cats in Brazil at the time who really knew how to get the sound right - and how to mix it with the best of his local influences! There's some wonderful grooves here - definitely of the funky Brazilian type you-d know from the Samba Soul generation, but also much more solidly soul, too - given Tim's fantastic vocals, and strong ear for putting over a tune!TRACKLIST1. Que Queira Ou Nao Queira2. Paz Interior3. O Caminho Do Bem4. Energia Racional5. Que Legal6. Cultura Racional7. O Dever De Fazer Propaganda Deste Conhecimento8. Guiné Bissau, Mocambique E Angola Racional9. Imunizacao Racional (Que Beleza)

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