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Cover of: Third Ear Band - Macbeth
Munster Records | LP | 21 €

Commissioned by the acclaimed film director Roman Polanski, the English cult band Third Ear Band faced the challenge in order to insert a hell of imagination and creativity to his very own, author cinematographic version of Macbeth, a play by William Shakespeare.The resulting 44 minutes of imaginative sounds, divided in 16 outstanding pieces, is an astonishing example of an archaic, twisted, abstract psychedelia, rooted on medieval and classical textures. A Monster-Munster gem!TRACKLISTSide A1. Overture2. The Beach3. Lady Macbeth4. Inverness: Macbeth's Return/The Preparation/Fanfare/Duncan's Arrival5. The Banquet6. Dagger and Death7. At the Well/The Princes' Escape/Coronation/Come Sealing Night8. Court DanceSide B1. Fleance2. Groom's Dance3. Bear Baiting4. Ambush/Banquo's Ghost5. Going to Bed/Blind Man's Buff/Requiescant-Sere and Yellow Leaf6. The Cauldron7. Prophesies8. Wicca Way

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