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Cover of: Maia, Tim - Racional Vol.1
Racional Vol.1
Seroma | LP | 22 €

Tim Maia's fifth album released in 1975 on his own Seroma label. The lyrics are marked by his devotion to the "Rational Culture" and its religious-philosophical cult. Musically, in addition to the evident Brazilian influence, we can find some echoes of soul and funk from masters like Barry White, Marvin Gaye or George Clinton.TRACKLIST1. Imunizacao Racional (Que Beleza)2. O Grao Mestre Varonil3. Bom Senso4. Energia Racional5. Leia O Livro Universo Em Desencanto6. Contacto Com O Mundo Racional7. Universo Em Desencanto8. You Don't Know What I Know

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