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Cover of: Various - Guasa, Cununo Y Marimba (2xlp)
Guasa, Cununo Y Marimba (2xlp)
Vampisoul | LP | 28 €

The music of the Colombian Pacific is one of the greatest treasures of Colombia and its African past, but not many people remember the songs recorded on anthologies, which are largely a forgotten chapter of Colombia's musical history. It comprises genres such as currulao and chirimía and many others that are yet to be discovered by most Latin music lovers.Heavy drumming combines with hypnotic vocals and the sounds of the marimba, clarinet and euphonium in this selection of Afro-Colombian music from the Pacific Coast.This compilation includes recordings by artists like: Gertrudis Bonilla, Peregoyo y su Combo Vacaná, Markitos Micolta, La Sonora del Pacífico de Cachito Vidal, Julián y su Combo, Buscajá. in an outstanding selection of songs that covers the early 70s through the 00s and are reissued here for the first time.Compiled by Colombian music experts Lucas Silva and Philippe Noel.TRACKLISTSide A1. Manuela La Bullanguera - Gertrudis Bonilla y Jimmy Puche2. El Coco de la Vieja - Peregoyo y Su Combo Vacaná3. La Logia - Chencho Trompeta y Los Brujos del Folklore (feat. Gertrudis Bonilla)Side B1. Caso del Vencedor - La Marucha2. Canalete de Charchajo - Julián y su Combo Sabor3. La Tunda - Los Trovadores del Pacífico4. El Chocoanito - La Sonora del Pacífico de Cachito Vidal5. Patio No - La Contundencia6. Caderona - La Banda de Alexis (feat. Alfonso Córdoba "El Brujo")Side C1. La Viuda - La Sonora del Pacífico de Cachito Vidal2. La Canoa Ranchara - Gertrudis Bonilla3. Sácale Brillo Teresa - Peregoyo y su Combo Vacaná4. Petra - Julián y Su Combo5. Soy el Currulao - Gertrudis Bonilla6. Cangrejo Pendejo - Conjunto Folklórico Los de la Bahía de la Cruz (feat. Markitos Micolta)Side D1. Kilele - La Contundencia2. Parranda a lo Trasnochao - Gertrudis Bonilla3. Boga, Boga Canoero - Peregoyo y su Combo Vacaná4. Llorando Por Amor - Buscajá5. Un Gualí - Bambazulú6. Pascual Rovira - La Sonora del Pacífico de Cachito Vidal

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