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Cover of: Peru Negro - Son De Los Diablos
Son De Los Diablos
Vampisoul | LP | 21 €

Afro-Peruvian music, also known as "música criolla", finds its roots in West African music, Spanish and European genres and native musical traditions from Peru. After a long struggle to preserve it through oral means over generations, a renewed interest in those rhythms and melodies arose in the 1950s.The dance company Perú Negro won the main award at 1969's Festival Hispanoamericano de la Danza y la Canción, and a few years later their repertoire was included in two albums which introduced música criolla and Afro-Peruvian culture to a wider audience, "Son De Los Diablos" being the latter.If you have an interest in Cuban son or Colombian bambuco, this record will be an essential addition to your collection.Reissued on vinyl for the first time and presented in facsimile artwork.TRACKLISTSIDE 11. ARRIBA PERU NEGRO2. MI COMPADRE NICOLAS3. MAMA NANGUE4. KIKE ITURRIZAGA5. TORITO PINTOSIDE 21. SON DE LOS DIABLOS2. CONGORITO3. ALCATRAZ QUEMA TU4. NEGRITO DE LA HUAYRONA5. JUAN DE MATA

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