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Bayonet - Taste Of Piss 1982-1983 (+cd)
Bayonet - Taste Of Piss 1982-1983 (+cd)
Foad | LP | 18

Solid black vinyl limited to 200 copies.Just when you thought that there were no diamonds left to be unearthed in the worshipped vaults of the early -80s Finnish Hardcore scene, FOAD Records is ready to shock you with a lost^found classic that nobody was aware of, not even in the most diehard tape/trading circles. BAYONET have remained an obscurity also among Punks in their native land. Perhaps it has faded into somewhat a mystery as they had virtually no contributions to the thriving scene of Finland in 1982 and 1983 / the very little while they existed... A shit/quality bootleg 7@ came to light few years ago, but it really didn-t make justice to the fact that these guys had two incredible studio recordings that they didn-t send anywhere at that time, and that were unearthed just recently thanks to the help of a friend that contacted a band member and triggered the gear that made us get here. So if you-re a fan of raw and fast Suomi HC&Punk and turn crazy for bands such as Kaaos, Rattus, Bastards, Terveet K├Ądet, Varaus, Sorto, Riistetyt, Kansan Uutiset and dozens more, this 49 song discography by BAYONET needs to be an instant add/on to your collection. These guys claimed they were influenced by early -80s US Hardcore but the style is actually what we all love of Finnish HC, a bloody chaotic inferno of speed and brutal distortion. This collection includes their two studio sessions @Taste of piss@ and @Finger in a deep arsehole@ plus bonus rehearsals, songs from the rare @Ilkivalta@ compilation tape and the recording of the only live they ever made! It also comes with an insert including a lengthy interview to Seppo and Nikke run by Otto Itkonen *Selfish, Forca Macabra, Kuolema, Kovaa Rasvaa etc..( To cut it short, this is a total must for every maniac of raw and chaotic early -80s Hardcore!

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Bayonet - Taste Of Piss 1982-1983 (+cd)
Taste Of Piss 1982-1983 (+cd)
LP | 18 € x 1 ud(s).
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