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Profanatica - Altar Of The Virgin Whore
Profanatica - Altar Of The Virgin Whore
Hellsheadbanger | LP | 18

PROFANATICA need no introduction, pioneers of American black metal, masters of barbaric minimalism, desecrators of all that's pure and clean and iconoclasts to the very end. Ever since the band's reformation & reinvigoration with 2007's Profanatitas de Domonatia, full-length albums have been the preferred format for Paul Ledney and crew. However, going back the band's beyond-classic Weeping in Heaven in 1991, it could be argued that PROFANATICA are at their most potent when doing EPs. And that's precisely what Altar of the Virgin Whore is, 20 minutes of cruel -n- crushing sonic defilement that bears all the bulldozing trademarks of the band post-reformation. No need for further fancy words here. this is simply and totally PROFANATICA, distilled to its short & sharp & shocked essence and rendered in the rudest and rawest form.

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