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I Marc 4 - Thrilling Mortale
I Marc 4 - Thrilling Mortale
Vampisoul | LP | 23

Original Italian library music from the vaults of Nelson Records, recorded between 1970 and 1976.All tracks performed by I MARC 4, one of the key acts in the birth and development of the New Italian LibrarySound. Expect drum breaks, fast bongo rhythms and groovy Hammond background sounds inspired by cinema special effects.TRACKLISTSide A1. INTRO2. BONGOS SUSPENCE3. SMOOKIE4. ASFALTO IN AGGUATO5. OSSESSIONE OMICIDA6. BASE PERICOLOSA7. SUSPENCE SUBACQUEO8. CORSA PERICOLOSA9. IMMAGINISide B1. THRILLING MORTALE2. TEMPORALE3. BOXES4. DRUMMING FREE5. TENSIONE ED ATTESA6. TEMA DI RAVEN I Vers7. IN LABORATORIO8. ATMOSFERE SPAZIALI9. GIALLO

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