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Deathhammer - Chained To Hell
Deathhammer - Chained To Hell
Hellsheadbanger | LP | 18

With the stage set thusly, Chained to Hell is a statement of intent for DEATHHAMMER. this is who they are, eternally, and there's no turning back. Everything that's endeared the duo to legions worldwide - bursting at the seams energy, forever forward momentum, coiling yet catchy songwriting, and that strangely clean -n- clanging guitar tone that's somehow dirtier than most other blackthrash out there - is here, both in a state that's blood-red raw and sagely mature. It's a unique duality that DEATHHAMMER so unselfconsciously exude here, that youthful enthusiasm somehow remaining intact but simultaneously imparting an aeons-old wisdom, the entirety of classic metal history run through a rusty blender. Of course, the firmest foundation still remains that fateful year of 1985, when when Sodom and especially Destruction were releasing their respective, undeniably classic debut EPs - but also of course, DEATHHAMMER possess that elusive charisma that elevates Chained to Hell from lazy pastiche to a crucial component in that blackthrashing continuum. Some bands age like fine wine, while others are mostly remembered for their early, exuberant energy. With Chained to Hell, DEATHHAMMER prove you can do both!

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