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Uvegraf - A Laxe Modularys 2.049 (green Vinyl)
Uvegraf - A Laxe Modularys 2.049 (green Vinyl)
Proceso Uvegraf | LP | 19

"A Laxe Modularys 2.049" is the new album (third after the Kosmos CD) of the pioneering UVEGRAF project, alias of the Madrid musician Juan Teruel. His cassette label and productions played a very important role in the Spanish 80s electronic underground scene. In our opinion, the new album surpasses "Sala de Maquinas", the previous vinyl. More solid and regular, it really has the spirit of the "old school" of the eighties with elements of minimal synth, post/industrial music, and even influences of 70s German electronic music. The ten tracks made primarily with sequencers, synthesizers, and analog rhythm boxes, stand out for their bright and powerful sound. We must mention the outstanding sleeve design by Alonso Urbanos who has been working with industrial groups such as Esplendor Geométrico for some years now.Limited edition of 300 copies in beautiful translucent green vinyl. Only 100 copies for distribution.Andrés Noarbe-RotorTRACKLISTSIDE A1. MIR TEST2. AERONAV3. TANGERINE LIPS4. GNS XX GNS XY5. LANDING Y-PR-BA-RY-KSIDE B6. BEIRAMAR7. EMOCIONAL KORTEN8. DISRUPTOR AN-319. VEKTOR PRO-EF10. INVIERNO 1.005

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Uvegraf - A Laxe Modularys 2.049 (green Vinyl)
A Laxe Modularys 2.049 (green Vinyl)
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