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Ladrones - Ladrones
Ladrones - Ladrones
Slovenly | LP | 18

Slovenly Recordings is proud as hell to present the debut LP from Puerto-Punk screamers LADRONES. From the gutters of Atlanta by way of the island paradise known as San Juan, Ladrones exist in that undeniably fun sweet spot of punk and rock& roll where pogoing and slam dancing all make sense, dedicating album opener "Tropimuerte" to the island's tradition of el jangueo (simply "hanging out") It could easily go unnoticed for what it really is, a declaration of individuality, defying any demands for conformity]. Led by crazed, mic-gripping she-devil Valeria Sánchez, Ladrones goes REATARDS in spasmodic bursts of pure aggression, with a respectful nod to Los Angeles legends X and superhero EXENE CERVENKA while channeling the swinging and playful doo-wop side of fellow countrymen LOS VIGILANTES, but this is an extra special snot-rocket en Espanol that they own to the hilt. !VAMOS A TRIPIAL!

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