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Telstar Sound Drone - Magical Solutions To Everyday Struggles (+cd)
Bad Afro | LP | 24 €

Telstar Sound Drone is a psychedelic rock band from Copenhagen. In 2013 they released their debut album 'Comedown' and the follow-up is set for release March 18th 2016 on Bad Afro Records. Even though the involved musicians have connection to Baby Woodrose and Spids Nogenhat their own musical output is quite a different story. 'Magical Solutions To Everyday Struggles' was not an easy record to make. The band was isolated for four months in their rehearsal room which is a small and dark air-raid shelter dating back to WWII. Here they wrote and recorded the album as a lot of late nights turned into early mornings. Your sense of time and reality collapse completely when you spend days and days isolated from the surrounding world and it comes as no surprise that the album sounds claustrophobic and a bit paranoid. The sound of Telstar Sound Drone is a blend of psychedelic rock, shoegazer and drone. You will not hear any choruses or any attempts at writing a pop tune with a bit of distortion on top. What you get is feedback-ridden psychedelic rock, swirling soundscapes and slow pulsating psych that is trying to melt your brain. The music has several layers and even though TSD mainly use traditional instruments like bass, drums and guitars they are not afraid of exploring unorthodox methods to expand their music. As an example the drone in "Dark Kashmir" is a recording of rotating hard disks recorded by electro-magnetic pick-ups and many of the organic instruments have been heavily manipulated. The core of the band consists of Sean Jardenbk (vocals), Hans Beck (drums) and Mads Saaby (guitar). The two last mentioned are also playing in Baby Woodrose. As usual they also invited some friends down to the shelter. Hobbitten (Spids Nogenhat/ex-On Trial) who has been part of the TSD live line-up since 2013 is playing guitar on six out of nine songs. Christian Norup (Bite The Bullet) is playing bass on five songs and Kse) is playingd synth on two 'Magical Solut To Everyday Stgles' is producSD and Anders Osberg (Baby Woodrose/Spids hFMedPantr

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