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Pearl Jam - Not For You, Rare Radio & Tv Broadcasts
Egg Raid | LP | 18 €

Spanning various US TV and radio appearances from 1992/1995 and tunes from their classic first three albums, Ten, Vs., and Vitalogy, along with an epic cover of The Who-s @Baba O-Riley@, Not For You is an epic collection of live Pearl Jam material that is essential for any hardcore fan of Eddie Vedder and the rest of the guys.Track list> Side A> 1. Rockin- In The Free World *MTV Awards -93( 2. Not For You *Saturday Night Live -94( 3. Daughter *SNL -94( 4. Rearviewmirror *SNL -94( 5. Alive *SNL -92( Side B> 1. Porch *SNL -92( 2. Jeremy *MTV Awards -92( 3. Baba O-Riley *MTV Singles Premiere -92( 4. Hail Hail *David Letterman -95( 5. Animal *MTV Awards -93( 6. State Of Love And Trust *MTV -92(

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