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Dum Dum Boys - Dum Dum Boys Play All Your Favorite Songs
Dum Dum Boys - Dum Dum Boys Play All Your Favorite Songs
Mono-tone | LP | 15

What does a rock'n'roll group do, when it is "out of ideas"? Break up? Throw in the towel? Of course not . instead, they make a "covers album." That's what top beat-group "Dum Dum Boys" have done on this, their latest long-player "DDB Play All Your Favorite Songs". But, perverse as always, Dum Dum Boys weren't content to just crank through the usual assortment of quality unknowns and monster hits. Instead, they gave an actual infant the task of picking - completely at random - the songs for the group to record. That's right - a child, an actual ingenue - its name irrelevent -who knows nothing about anything, chose the songs for the group to record from someone's record library, whilst blindfolded and dreaming about a video game. This child - its identity a secret to protect it from possible reprisals, picked 50 songs for the Dum Dum Boys to attempt, of which 12 were determined to be worthy of proliferation. Here they are - a jumble of juvenilia, an eclectic electric mess - DUM DUM BOYS " play All Your Favorite Songs"!!!! 12 idiosyncratic and surprising covers of Hawkwind, Kim Fowley, Bryan Ferry, Screamin' Jay Hawkins, the Glitter Band, James Brown and. Depeche Mode ! and the Jackson 5!! And more!!!TRACKLISTA1. ROCK ON2mn24sA2. FACE ON THE FACTORY FLOOR 2mn48sA3. DIRTY DIRTY2mn24sA4. HAVANA MOON2mn51sA5. CASANOVA 2mn30sA6. THERE WAS A TIME 3mn08sA7. IN MY DREAM2mn40sB1. CAN YOU FEEL IT2mn03sB2. LOST JOHNNY3mn16sB3. WELL WELL WELL 3mn50sB4. JUST CAN'T GET ENOUGH / CIRCUIT BREAKER7mn38s

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