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Cover of: Robert Y Su Banda - Soy La Ley
Soy La Ley
Vampisoul | LP | 19 €

Released in 1978, "Soy la ley" by Robert y su Banda is an obscure and sought-after slab of Colombian salsa durawith the special distinction of having the "original" version of Joe Arroyo's monster hit ebelión' hidden in plain sight on its second side under the title l mulato'.Presented in facsimile artwork and pressed on 180g vinyl.Part of a new Vampisoul reissue series of classic LPs from Colombia's Codiscos and its group of labels such as Zeida and Costeño.TRACKLISTSide 11. SOY LA LEY2. PRESO Y SIN SENTENCIA3. AQUEL SEÑOR4. MI CARIÑO NO ESPERA5. DÉJALA QUE SE VAYASide 21. EL MULATO2. HIJO DE GITANA3. EN LA INMENSA SOLEDAD4. SI ELLA PREGUNTA POR MI5. SON CANDELA

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