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Cover of: Revolucionarios, Los - Los Revolucionarios
Los Revolucionarios
Vampisoul | LP | 19 €

A revolutionary album with a sound unlike that of any other tropical record before or after which could only have come from the Caribbean region of Colombia and the fertile mind of the band's leader, Alfredo Gutiérrez.What makes this record unique and a highly sought-after collector's piece are the innovative arrangements that mix a sax section with electric organ, piano and accordion, and its killer version of Javier Vázquez's hard salsa tune 'Esa mulata'. The rest of the album has more hot salsa, boogaloo and descarga, plus local flavors like paseo and porro and even a Dominican merengue.Presented in facsimile artwork and pressed on 180g vinyl.Part of a new Vampisoul reissue series of classic LPs from Colombia's Codiscos and its group of labels such as Zeida and Costeño.TRACKLISTSide 11. PERDONAME LEANDRO2. ESA MULATA3. CARIBE4. LOS CARASUCIASSide 21. SALSA DE MONTE ADENTRO2. LA MEZCLA3. TORO BARCINO4. JOSEFINA5. BAJO EL PALO MANGO

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